10 Super Offers That Build Up Sales

10 Super Offers That Build Up Sales

by: Ken Hill

The following special offers, deals and bonuses will help you to successfully increase your sales:
1. Offer a coupon.
You could have people follow a special link or enter a special code to redeem your coupon.
2. Offer free shipping.
You could offer a limited time free shipping deal, or you could offer free shipping on orders over a specified amount.
3. Offer a buy one get one free deal or a buy two and get one free deal.
You could use this kind of offer to get more people to purchase products from you or buy advertising from you.
4. Offer a special lower price if your visitor buys two of your products together.
5. Offer a free consultation as a bonus.
Depending on your product, you could offer to consult your customer on her ad copy, marketing plan, e-zine, or web site.
6. Offer a transcript of one of your web casts as a bonus.
Increase the value your visitors place on your transcript by telling them how much it would be worth if you were to charge for it.
7. Offer an ebook as a bonus.
Offer an ebook that is either available exclusively through you or that is hard to find as a bonus.
8. Offer a free trial.
You could offer a free 30 day trial of your web hosting, blog hosting, or affiliate program software.
9. Offer a free sample.
You could mail your visitors a sample of your nutritional or cosmetic product.
You could also send them a free dvd in your series of dvd tutorials, or a sample of your candies, spices, teas or coffees.
10. Offer free software.
Create a powerful incentive by offering software that complements your product as a bonus.
For example, if you sell a manual on ebook publishing, you could offer a free ebook compiler as a bonus.

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This article was posted on January 08, 2005