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History Lovers Will Enjoy Studying Iranian Descent

Learning about history can help us understand our present and possible future. We begin to understand human beings on a deeper level. When we learn about our ancestors we learn about ourselves. Even if you don’t have any Iranian descent in your family you can still be engaged by learning about the rich history. There are so many different facts you’ve probably never heard about Iranian descent. Read more here about the different cultural aspects you may have never investigated before. Take a moment to see this website and visit another world.

You can learn a lot of history of a culture by looking at the language. The main language spoken in Iran is called Farsi. Ethnicity related to this language is from Persia. However keep in mind that Iran has more than just one language. Farsi is an Indo-European language. About 75% of the people in Iran speak an Indo-European language. To put it in perspective, about 50% of the population speak primarily in this Persian (Farsi) tongue. This can be called an Indo Iranian language. Almost all of the books you can read in Iran are written in Persian languages

Do you know where we will look at next when
studying Iranian descent? Religion can reveal a lot about a country’s history. Almost everybody in Iran is of a Muslim religion. There are different categories when referring to the Muslim religion. Were you aware that there are people in Iran who aren’t Muslims? Can you guess what this is? Christians and Jews are two groups that make up a small percentage of Iran’s population. They are considered a minority religious group because they make up less than 1%. Out of the two groups Christians outnumber the Jewish presence. The main group you will find out Orthodox Armenians. There are also a few Roman Catholic and Protestant groups.

Iran has a lot of different demographic trends today and in their past. About 25% of the people in Iran are under the age of 15 years. Around 1960 a significant migration began to happen in Iran. A whole lot of people started moving out of the rural areas and into the cities. However a lot of people would say that the largest change happened in 1979. Hundreds of Iranian scholars left and moved to California. Many Jewish people began to leave the country as well. Both of these changes has something to do with how big Iran’s cities are today.

Hopefully you learned something exciting you never knew before. It’s great that you took a moment to learn about Iranian descent today. There’s so much more for you to keep learning about Iranian descent.

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