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All You Need to Know About Your Body Type and What Foods To Eat

How and where the body stores fat can affect your health and fitness goals. Well, basically, this whole of how and where the fat is stored in the body is what eventually gives us our different body types. It is no wonder you must learn about your body type so you can find the most customized solution for your weight and fitness goals. Remember, some fats are harder to budge than others no wonder different people will respond differently to various dieting and exercise routines and techniques. The following are basic guidelines on body types and foods to eat and avoid for successful weight loss.

We have the apple body type that is characterized by broad shoulders, a thick torso, tiny legs, hips, and arms. Any weight gain for apple body types will often go to their abdominal section. You should focus on eating healthy fats including avocados, salmon, chia seeds, nut butters, walnuts to mention but a few. Avoid simple carbohydrates like your life dependent on it, and especially those sugary snacks. Not to say you must eliminate carbs in its entirety, but you can always limit your intake to at least 40 percent calories.
Second is the pear body type that is characterized by small waist, narrow shoulders, broad hips and thighs. The secret for a pear shape is to focus more on building lean muscles and maintaining a healthy body weight. This you do by eating leafy greens, lean proteins, and healthy fats. The things to avoid as a pear-shaped body type is over processed sugars the likes of bread, ketchup, pasta sauce, peanut butter, instant oatmeal, etc.

Third in line in the hourglass body type whereby the weight is evenly distributed throughout the body, and the waist is clearly defined. Even distribution of fats means that they will be stored all over the body, both at the top and bottom. This is the body type that most women desire since the curves are clearly defined, but it can be very easy to gain lots of weight. This is because you don’t see the changes much faster as the weight gets distributed all over. Your best bet is to eat high-quality complex carbs with lots of veggies while avoiding artificial sugars and high fats. Note, however, there are people with several characteristics of more than one body type.

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